About Us

“All your lifting equipment needs in one company”

As one of the top lifting equipment hiring companies in Kingdom of Bahrain, Single Point Heavy Lifting has one of the most up to date fleets, giving you safety, reliability, quality and security along with the dedication, skill and competence of our highly experience team of operators.

We, Single Point Heavy Lifting, take pride in providing prompt and effective lifting solutions that meet the demands of our customers in the most professional approach. We are a leading heavy lifting services provider in Kingdom of Bahrain, and we focus on the mid to high lifting capacity segment which are deployed for larger projects and serve mainly customers in the cargo, infrastructure, geotechnical, construction, offshore, marine and oil and gas industries. Whether you need to move or lift material on solid ground or mud, rock, hillsides or other rough terrain, we have the reliable and rugged equipment to help you get your construction or industrial job done right. The lifting services are offered in a timely and hassle free manner with focus towards optimum client satisfaction. In addition to that, we also offer onsite support to our clients. Through our professional approach and sincere efforts, we have acquired a rich clientele across the Kingdom.

In order to work efficiently and safely over long shifts, the operator must have an excellent working environment. Therefore, we carry out constant development to ensure that our crane and forklift trucks attain the highest possible scores for quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness. We are instrumental in offering to our clients a comprehensive range of lifting equipment’s on rental basis. Our core competency lies in providing our clients with high performing machines that are tested and maintained to attain the highest efficiency levels.