Truck Crane

For heavy lifting and transport needs, truck cranes will serve as powerful work tools. At Harbor Freight Tools, we offer excellent deals and discounts on truck cranes daily. Most often, truck cranes are used to lift heavy storage bins, barrels or awkwardly shaped objects from ground level,to be stored and transported in the bed of a truck. A quality truck crane mounts to the truck bed and is capable of safely lifting and moving loads that are 1,000 pounds. Choose from truck cranes that possess powerful winch motors, as well as cranes that rely on hydraulic power.

Max. Lifting
5 tons 7 tons 10 tons 15 tons
Max. Lifting Height 15.4 m 20 m 27 m 35.1 m
Max. Working Height 16.1 m 16.1 m 28.5 m 38.7 m
Boom type/section HEXA / 5 HEXA / 5 HEXA / 5 HEXA / 6
Winch Hook speed 15 (4/3) m/min (Layer/Line) 14 (4/4) m/min(Layer/Line) low: 13, high: 23 (4/4)m/min (Layer/Line) low: 9.2, high: 16 (4/4)m/min
Winch Wire Rope 8
x 100m mm/m
10 x 120m mm/m 14 x 100m mm/m 14 x 120m mm/m
Outrigger 5.3 m 5.6 m 6.18 m 7.4 m