Telescopic Handler

A Telescopic Handler is often referred to as a Telehandler, extendable forklift or load all. As the later name indicates, this machines would “Load All” depending on the attachment fixed to it. It could be attached with a Fork, as in a conventional forklift, a bucket as in a wheel loader, a man-bucket as in a man lift, winches or jibs as in a crane, grapples as in a excavators. The advantage is that due to the special design, it would allow one to reach horizontal distances in confined spaces. One can find this equipment with a variety of attachments in Single Point Heavy Lifting’s fleet.

Max. Lifting
4000 kg
Lift capacity to full height 2500 kg
Lift capacity at full reach 700 kg
Maximum fork height 16.7 m
Reach at maximum fork height 2.4 m
Maximum forward reach 12.85 m
Dimensions Length 6.7 m, Width: 2.43 m, Height: 2.6 m
Wheelbase 2.89 m
Ground clearance 50 cm
Track width 1.93 m
Cab width 0.96 m
Overall width – stabilizers down 3.34 m